Mohamed B. Zaggar
Accomplished Arabic Translator - Dubai - UAE

“Nader is a talented creative manager. His work adheres to the highest levels of proficiency,
creativity and quality. It is always a pleasure to work with him. He provides quality work and cooperates
with everyone in a very efficient way.”

Ken Volk
Head of Outreach Programs at Masdar - USA

“I’ve known Nader Sadek as a Senior Creative Manager at Masdar for four years and can attest to his dedication, talents and innovative designs for a variety of projects, including conferences, brochures and other promotional needs. Nader is a consummate professional who strives for excellence! As well as branding, he can handle
marketing and creative projects from A-Z.”

Angela S. Nederhand
Digital Marketing Director - USA

“Nader is one of the best creative Directors I've ever worked with. He is passionate, patient and willing to work hard.
Nader's unique perspective and creative work pulled our team together and made my job as the account manager
so much easier. He was always able to take a complicated design and simplify it, or take something confusing and
make it clear. His designs are beautiful and speak for themselves. I was always proud to share his work with our
clients because he took the time to do the project in the right way. I wish Nader all the best in his future endeavors.”

Mohamed Eltoukhy

Senior Art Director at Horizon, FCB - Dubai - UAE

“Nader is such a talented Creative Director who I really enjoyed working under at ink advertising Agency.
One of my favorite things about Nader is his consistently thoughtful feedback on design. Nader truly is
a wealth of knowledge in his field and has a positive upbeat attitude for anything that comes his way.
I consider Nader one of my biggest mentors.”

Mohamed Tanwa

Senior Graphic Designer at Public Works Authority - Cairo - Egypt

“Nader is a detail-oriented Manager who helps people working with him with ultimate support and assistance.
He considers their success as part of his.”

Yassmine Reda

PR & Communication Director - Canada

“Nader is a detail-oriented creative designer and director with eyes like a hawk and a great team work spirit.
He is a great leader and mentor to his staff and colleagues.
I am more proud of the creative quality of the print and digital work – which he came up with and designed.
Still to this day I am taken aback by the beauty of the work.
He truly is a wealth of knowledge in his field and has a positive upbeat attitude for anything that comes his way.”

Emad Zaf

Creative Director - Pakistan

“Man with a golden heart, truly amazing creative person, he knows how to bring out the original work from
any creative working with him, I feel lucky to work under his supervision. He is a complete package:
highly conceptual, a great design eye, deft in all forms of production, a self-starter, a strong mentor,
natural collaborator, and comes with the kind of work ethic and humility is part of his nature.

Nader is a Creative Director of the highest caliber, A quality person who demonstrates outstanding moral
character to his employees & coworkers alike. His pleasant personality & optimistic attitude make it enjoyable
to work with him.

As a creative right from MacCan, TBWA & DDB , I had the opportunity to work with some of the best creative
director local & international. I can tell you, without hesitation, that Nader ranks the best of them,
he will always surprise you with his creative ideas & great taste.”

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